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  •         Changzhou Hanke nonwoven Co.,Ltd. is located in golden triangle delta region that has developed well economically, is a specialized non-woven fabric manufacturing enterprise which is integrated with research & development, production, and sales, with very convenient transport as close to Shanghai-nanjing expressway, Nanjing-Taicang expressway, and the Road Entrance of Jiangyin & Qingyang.

            Established in 1994, with the office space and manufacturing workshop covering an area of 5000 m², the company has introduced the world-class advanced equipments for the nonwoven production of filament (SS,SSS)、hot rolling (ES), under the management system of international standard. With good uniformity and good tensile strength, the products are extensively used in many fields such as disposable hygiene products, fire-proof material, automobile, agricultural products and so on. The nonwoven fabrics that are made at the comany are agricultural new-technology products for the key promotion by Jiangsu Agricultural Bureau,Changzhou Agricultural Promotion Station...    more+

    Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric

    Hydrophobic Nonwoven Fabric

    Hot Air Nonwoven Fabric

    Nonwoven Fabric for Mattress

    Nonwoven Fabric for Nappies

    Agricultural Nonwoven Fabric

    Medical Nonwoven Fabric

    Nonwoven Fabric for Filter Material

    Aging Resistance Nonwoven Fabric

    Nonwoven Fabric for Cloth Interlining

    We provide professional pre-sale, sales and after-sales service. Superior service, high quality is worthy of your trust!
    Strength advantage
    26Year industry experience, production scale5000More square meters, independent research and development, improving.It is the pioneer of the national non-woven industry.Products through CE certification, trademark authentication,Professional qualifications, etc.
    Service advantage
    To meet your needs,Even beyond your expectations,Our commitment: to provide professional services, for the sake of customers, and to serve the service.Punctuality, reliability, convenience and value of money
    Price service
    Although many non-woven fabric manufacturers in China have a wide range of gram weights(10g-300g),But 10g needs to beHydrophilic,High price.At home, our PP low - gram heavy nonwoven fabric is the priceThe lowest and best quality
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    PP non-woven
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